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The Kanaan Family Fundraiser

Note from Nick Kanaan:

January of 2019, I entered into end stage lung failure as a result of a severe lung infection, an unfortunately common occurrence amongst Cystic Fibrosis patients. My decline was rapid and I was placed on ECMO life support once I became critically ill. ECMO played a crucial role in my survival, as it was a bridge to a lung transplant, the only way for me and others like me to survive. To date, the ECMO program at VGH has helped save many lives and will continue to save others impacted by this very difficult process.

Lung failure can also impact otherwise healthy/non Cystic Fibrosis patients. Please consider donating to the ECMO life support program, as well as support for patients undergoing a lung transplant. The funds raised through VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation will go towards both of these important causes that require our urgent support.

About ECMO:

ECMO is a portable heart-lung machine that circulates and oxygenates a patient’s blood and then re-infuses it. This life-saving technology allows the heart and lungs to recover, and keeps organs functioning while medical teams continue their work. The ECMO program is donation funded, meaning, without our support, I, like many others, would not have been given a second chance at life. This second chance has allowed me precious time with my family. 

About Support for Transplant Patients:

For patients undergoing the grueling experience of a transplant, there are many stresses beyond physical that test patients and their families. These include financial burdens, travel requirements and accommodations. Patients and their families are pushed to their limits, or beyond, during this process. Allowing patients to worry less about finances and having their support system nearby is beyond a luxury and is a requirement for proper healing. Having patients focus more on this process and less on finances and missing their family and support system is a must. Your funds will go towards empowering patients through their recovery.

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation is Vancouver Coastal Health’s primary philanthropic partner, raising funds for specialized adult health services and research for all British Columbians. We partner with donors to drive innovation and sustainable health care at VGH & UBC Hospital, GF Strong Rehab Centre, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and Vancouver Community Health Services.

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