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BC Lymphedema Program at VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation

Lymphedema is a chronic disease that causes lymph fluid to collect in the body’s tissues due to an impaired lymphatic system, from damage to or removal of lymph nodes, radiation treatment or other trauma. It results in swelling, most commonly in the upper & lower limbs that worsens over time and can lead to life-threatening infections and disability. There are currently an estimated one million Canadians suffering with Lymphodema, 130,000 of these patients residing in BC. 

Despite its devastating impact, lymphedema is underdiagnosed and woefully misunderstood. Patients have few treatment options and, without a cure in sight, must rely on continuous therapy which consists of daily compression wraps, lymphatic drainage therapy, and other conservative management to control their symptoms. These are both time-consuming and unaffordable as there is little medical coverage for these costs. Left untreated, symptoms progress, often leading to life-threatening infections and a cycle of hospitalizations.

Having completed an intensive period of specialized micro-surgical training with leading experts in Asia. Dr. Brown, working alongside fellow surgeon Dr Isaac and Dr. Elliot Weiss, a longstanding leader in lymphedema diagnosis and care, have established a first in BC, specialized Lymphedema clinic which opened in January 2020.The clinic is part one of a Lymphedema Program which has the potential to revolutionize lymphedema care in our province by bringing surgical options to patients who otherwise had no hope of improvement.

Surgical option will be available once the final pieces of diagnostic and specialized super-microsurgical equipment have been purchased. 

To achieve this, we need to raise the remaining $150,000!

How You Can Help?

Your generous support of this new BC Lymphedema Program at VGH will allow us to bring these proven surgical techniques to western Canada.

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