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Mary Ann's Electric Drive

As many of you know, my wife Mary Ann passed away in June 2018 after a battle with cancer. She was an amazing woman with a strong zest for life and I miss her every day. She and I had always planned on purchasing an electric car and taking a long road trip together across Canada to Newfoundland. So in her memory, I honoured our plan in July 2019 with Mary Ann's Electric Drive.

I took this journey in the new Audi Etron Quattro 55, their first 100% battery-powered electric car. I am one of the very first Canadian's to own the Audi Etron and I was very excited to drive it from coast to coast. I began my journey on Vancouver Island and made my way across Canada to St. Johns, NF. I then drove back through the United States, visiting friends and family on the way. In total, I drove an incredible 22,383km.

I took this trip to honour Mary Ann and to raise funds for her favourite cause. Nineteen years ago, Mary Ann suffered a life-threatening brain aneurysm. Due in part to the emergency life-saving craniotomy surgery performed by Dr. Christopher Honey, a Neurosurgeon at Vancouver General Hospital, Mary Ann was able to enjoy many more happy and healthy years. She was so amazed by Dr. Honey's exceptional care that she felt compelled to contribute annually to Dr. Honey’s research on functional neurosurgery. She and Dr. Honey developed a great relationship and about a month prior to her passing, Mary Ann made a significant legacy donation from her estate to support his research.

I am hosting a wrap up fundraising event on Wednesday December 11th to present my trip and raise funds for Dr. Honey's Functional Neurosurgery fund with VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. My goal is to raise $1 for every km, so $22,383! Please help me achieve this goal. Your support will help Dr. Honey expand his work and research on surgical techniques and treatments for neurological disorders.

So far, I have raised, $14,275! Thank you to all who have donated!.

For more info on Dr. Christopher Honey's neurological disorder research, you can go to his website at

You can learn more about my trip on Instagram, Facebook, Polarsteps and my blog:
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