Jim has had a remarkable 22+ year fundraising career with VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, and after a year of contemplation he has made the decision to retire on June 30, 2020.

A prominent highlight of his career has been the establishment of an art collection and healing arts program. Over 20 years, the collection has grown from a few select artwork to over 2,000 pieces of art, and has become one of the most extensive and diverse hospital art collections in Canada. This program is truly Jim's legacy and gift to the thousands of patients, families and staff who pass through our hospitals' doors every day.

Celebrate Jim's retirement with a donation to support the preservation and longevity of the art collection and keep Jim's legacy intact for years to come.

"I can't imagine our hospitals without art." ~ Jim O'Hara


Please note that a notification of your donation will be sent to Jim O'Hara.

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