Whether you want to celebrate a friend or family member's transplant or send condolences to a loved one, a tribute donation is the perfect way to give a thoughtful gift while supporting vital health care for British Columbians.

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Organ Transplant:
A Second Chance at Life

Visionary Care at VGH

The 60 member multidisciplinary Solid Organ Transplant team is a vital link in providing the very best, adult specialized health care to British Columbians.

Our transplant team, one of the largest in Canada, performed 272 kidney, liver, lung, pancreas, and islet cell transplants last year. The caring and compassionate team handles pre-admission, pre-transplant assessment, inpatient post-operative monitoring, and post-transplant care.

Advancing Groundbreaking Research

Transplant is not a cure. At least not yet.

With your help, that’s where the Transplant Research Foundation (TRF) of BC is making a difference. Your donation to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation in support of the TRF of BC Fund supports groundbreaking research into transplantation that can change the lives of people living with organ failure.